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Linda Bausch is an educator who offers Workshops, Coaching, and Keynote Speaking.Workshops, Coaching, and Keynote Speaking

Practical support from a teacher, literacy specialist, and professor who taught in all grades and knows the importance of receiving targeted professional development.

Below is a small sampling of the educational workshops Linda has facilitated. When faculty and administrators engage in Linda’s workshops, a professional community forms. Teachers are able to learn from one another and the result is a desire to sustain that learning throughout the school year. Linda works closely with teachers and school leaders before the professional development classes begin to ensure that each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the teachers, administrators, and most importantly the students. Workshops can be done during the school day, on professional development days, after school, or during the summer months.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Turning Common Core Standards into best practices
  • Reflective practices/Teacher self and district evaluations
  • Close Reading and Close Writing
  • Content Writing/Argument Writing
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Ladder to success
  • Conferring and small group work
  • Curriculum planning
  • Genre studies (i.e., argument, informational, narrative, and poetry writing)
  • Interactive read aloud
  • Launching and sustaining writing workshop
  • Mentor texts (i.e., using children’s literature to teach craft)
  • Online and social media for teachers of writing and young writers
  • Teachers as writers
  • Vocabulary integration
  • Writer’s notebooks

You may request a half- or full-day workshop. Linda also offers the opportunity to choose to develop a multi-day coaching relationship around an educational topic for an entire school year. In addition, Linda delivers keynote speeches on a wide variety of literacy and teaching topics. Please contact me to request more information.


Children at the Library - Early learning is important to kids learning to read. Literacy First.

“Socially appropriate behaviors, and by the constructs of society, which many of the participants theorized as the benchmark of what it means to be a boy and a student in the schooling environment. My research indicates that the boys composed the texts of their lives through their literacy practices declaring their existence in the world as they themselves were shaped by the social codes and practices of these events.” (Lewis, 2001)

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