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Hiking Like a Reader

Hiking Like a Reader I’m not a hiker. I feel compelled to begin with that statement. I know once, a few years ago my family, (3 sons and my husband) and I hiked down a Grand Canyon trail. We didn’t know what we were doing. No water, no hats, we had on our sneakers, and oh yes, […]

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Working with Teachers to learn more on how to Teach their Students.

Magic Can Happen

I’ve been thinking a lot about my consulting work.  I’ve been fortunate to be working in schools with dedicated teachers who want to deepen their instructional practices and do what’s best for their students.  I stand with them, shoulder to shoulder, as we explore best practices, study specific learning opportunities, and reflect upon not only […]

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“Expert Advice for Emerging Readers” by Beth Hering

I was proud to be interviewed and quoted for this great article appearing on Here is a piece of the article and then I’d like to encourage you to go to their site to read the rest of it. Parents of emerging readers are entering into an exciting time as they watch their child unlock […]

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“The Power of Teachers’ Writing Stories” by Linda S Bausch

This article entitled, “The Power of Teachers’ Writing Stories: Exploring multiple layers of reflective inquiry in writing process education” was published in the “Journal of Language and Literacy Education” in 2010.  Here’s an excerpt from the article, and then you should click here to read the full version. The purpose of this theoretical mixed-method study […]

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A+ Home Tutors

“Helping Young Readers” – A+ Home Tutors

A+ Home Tutors believes that one-on-one tutoring from a talented, caring tutor is the most effective way to help a student reach his or her academic potential. We also believe that a well-matched tutor can develop the rapport and trust with the student that is critical to the success of the tutoring support. Students who raise […]

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“Retrospective Discourse Discussions” by Linda S Bausch and Susan C Voorhees

In this article entitled, “Retrospective Discourse Discussions: How teacher talk enables one novice literacy teacher to make sense of complex teaching problems”, authors Linda S Bausch and Susan C Voorhees, describe a retrospective discourse discussions approach that was developed in a graduate literacy education course. This method represents a reconceptualization of supervising and coaching graduate students […]

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“The Story of Their Lives: Understanding Our Students’ Literacy Practices and Events” by Linda S Bausch

Abstract The relationship between teacher and student, teacher and class, and teacher, student and class has been acknowledged as one of the most influential structures in a students’ life which can effect their identity, their cognition, and their fundamental humaneness within the societal structure of their culture. The foundation of this paper is to investigate […]

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