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I am a speaker and consultant specializing in supporting school districts and individual schools to improve student learning through Literacy-Driven Instructional and Assessment Practices, Professional Development Opportunities, and Literacy Coaching.

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linda-bausch-02Dr. Linda Bausch is national level consultant, a certified literacy specialist, a former classroom teacher, and a college professor at Dowling College, NY. She was the director and owner of Small Wonders Pre-K, a classroom teacher, and a literacy teacher in the Shoreham Wading River School District, located on Long Island. In addition to being an educator and professor, Linda has been a literacy consultant and professional development provider across the United States.

She is the author of Boys will be boys? Bridging the Great Gendered Literacy Divide (2013, Sense Publishers) and she has written articles for The Reading Teacher, Language Arts, The Journal of Language and Literacy Education, and The Teacher Educator. In addition, Linda has written units of study for both Reading Fundamentals and Writing Fundamentals (Schoolwide, Inc.).

Linda has a B.S. in Elementary Education, with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education, from Long Island University, NY; an M.Ed. in Literacy Education from Dowling College, NY; and an Ed.D. in Reading, Language and Cognition from Hofstra University, N.Y.

Reading can bring you to a whole new world and understanding.Linda specializes in improving student achievement by supporting districts in analyzing teaching and learning in order to create professional development opportunities for district leaders, coaches, and teachers.  Her work includes designing and leading professional development sessions for both large and small groups, supporting teachers in planning for purposeful instruction, modeling classroom lessons, providing side-by-side coaching, and developing effective assessment practices.

Linda has been fortunate to develop partnerships with districts to support their teachers and administration as they navigate the Common Core Standards and accompanying APPR protocols. Most recently, she has been chosen to be the Professor in Residence in Literacy for the North Babylon School District, NY. grant opportunity, Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness 2:
Teacher and Principal Leadership, grant.

Dr. Linda Bausch is
a Long Island based literacy consultant,
professional development provider, and writer.

Now Scheduling Workshops and Lectures

I am presently scheduling for 2016 and 2017.  If you are interested in having me do a literacy workshop, teach a reading or writing class, or consult in your school, please contact me

A Video of Linda Bausch Teaching at Dowling College

“Voicing Resistance: The Negotiation of Male Voice
and Identity in Multiple Classroom Literacy Contexts”
Literacy Research on YouTube

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